Vlyfqyh representative in East Azarbaijan:Cooperative sector to take over the oppressed
Supreme Leader's representative in East Azerbaijan, said: cooperation sector in the country despite the success of that business has yet to take over the oppressed.
The Public Relations Office Cooperation in East Azerbaijan, Ayatollah Mohsen Mojtahed Shabestari morning meeting with Azerbaijan Tavngran added: "Although over the past year with the establishment of the Ministry of Cooperatives has been trying to organize this section, but the Ministry of Cooperatives ministry oppressed is.
His emphasis on culture-building and inform said: Cooperative sector should more than ever in the media to attend these goals through cooperation and blessings to more informed public opinion to be.
Tabriz Friday, referring to verses from the Quran and hadith in cooperation Nabavi said: The Holy Quran directly emphasized the necessity of cooperation in the Good and the Cooperatives in sin and corruption is avoided.
Supreme Leader's representative in East Azerbaijan stating that an important principl
Director General of East Azerbaijan province cooperation emphasized: the need to stock cooperatives Login
Azerbaijan's cooperation Administrator: Login to stock cooperatives is necessary. The public relations Office of Cooperative East Azarbaijan, Mohammad Mehdi A'layi in one-day conference share strategies for increasing cooperation in the national economy in the city mirage said: cooperation sector in the country oppressed is located in this important part of the constitution also clearly emphasized its role in the national economy has been neglected remains.
Director General of East Azerbaijan province cooperation with the attitudes of some public criticism over the life of the country cooperation sector added: "Unfortunately, in previous years, some states distribute their goods through cooperatives Bykyfyt did that this negative figure among the people of this section established too far from public opinion has not been removed.

. His support and Byhdf Bybrnamh public sector unions, including the weaknesses of the cooperatives and said said: "The government should support natio